Real life stories from Maryland

*Graphic Content. Reader discretion advised*

You read about celebrities committing suicide, Hollywood and professional sports, and you mostly hear one statement that comes out of the death investigation, ‘mental illness’. I often wonder is mental illness getting that much worse in our society or it is just being reported more, a better understanding of what to look for and how to deal with it.  This story also falls in the category of if you see something, say something!  We would often get numerous calls of suspicious vehicle and people nearly daily, and they sometimes turn into something bigger.  However, for this incident if someone had actually said something and called us, we could’ve saved a life and saved a family from heartbreak.  In speaking to the witnesses after responding to the scene, I clearly remember two witnesses, while in the computer lab, watched this individual for two hours straight; with clear signs that this person may need help.  A simple anonymous call to the police would’ve possibly had us take him to the hospital for an emergency evaluation.

Yes, I was slightly bothered by what they told me, which stuck out to me to be clear signs of someone needing intervention. To give you a better sense of the situation without going into great detail of how everything panned out, we were dealing a person who unexplained committed suicide by jumping from a four-story garage.  Normally during your death investigation you would find something, no matter how small or big, that could possibly explain why this person took the dramatic ending that they did.  From what I know nothing was found, but that doesn’t mean something wasn’t found later.  I remember receiving this call over the radio, as one shift was ending their night, for a male having seizures.  Putting everything together, and connecting the timelines from all the people involved, he was just minutes from being discovered on top of the garage.  Even with cameras posted in strategic spots with clear view of the garage roof, not one spotted him coming and eventually going over the side.

I remember we all thought it was a crime scene at first and thought he might’ve been a victim of foul play. As we worked vigorously to save his life doing CPR, he was too far gone, and too severely injured to bring him from the reaper.  Oddly, just the thought of my time in Afghanistan is what calmed me down and slowed down my thoughts enough to be able to think through the situation.  Several minutes later, the ambulance finally arrived to use the AED and take him to the hospital, but we knew it was too little too late.  I can honestly say this was the absolute first time that someone passed away in front of me.  The evidence that was left behind after the ambulance crew removed him, gave more reasons why he had no chance of survival.  For all we know we may never know the deep root of the personal problems that haunted this person, but yet again another family was robbed of a young precious life suffering.  I sadly understand that some people may not want help, but the ones that do we need to step up and help them out.

Henry Scott

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