A very bizarre movie that I saw numerous times.  I suppose it was the making of it that caught my attention or just the strange acting in it.  This was definitely one of those weird movies that many people do know and remember.  Definitely a movie that may be extremely weird if ever remade.


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter VI

Naveah Lee, listed as the richest judge in the country, exits out of her ten bedroom mansion, with her own personal security detail standing by and her armored black SUV, limo tinted windows, parked just feet from the main steps. It has been somewhat of a mystery of how Judge Lee became deep into the financial world, but it is definitely not a secret that her parents, and their parents, owned at least two oil companies, which obviously has paid off to their offspring’s.  Naveah, one of six kids in the immediate family, and the oldest, benefited the most and definitely took the reins of knowing how to run a very successful company.  One of her sisters took hold of the other family company, and although she hasn’t been as successful as her older sibling Naveah, she is still rolling in dough that can surround her house more than ten times.  When Naveah gained the financial success she has been striving for, and has been hoping and praying for, people took notice very quick, and with the saying ‘more money, more problems’ actually brought more stress and hatred her way.

In the current mansion that Naveah Lee lives in now, is her second home just outside the Boston suburbs where she thought she would feel safe from the inner city scrutiny and bastard neighbors. She still owns her first house in the city limits of Boston, but only goes there when she needs to, but right now at this point she rents it out to other people who desire to live in her old neighborhood.  People that were against her quick success really rallied against her, and outnumbered the great supporters that stood in her corner.  Any other time with someone gaining wealth like she did wouldn’t have mattered as much, but with her position in the Judicial system gave some people, in high positions, uneasiness and thought of the potential of her influencing the courts was extremely high.  She became one of the most successful judges in the city of Boston, and the state, and held the reputation of not dealing with any bullshit and nonsense from any attorney, victims and suspects.  At one point she nearly tossed a case out, along with the state’s attorney, when one of the victims’ witnesses didn’t come to court on time, without a valid reason, and wasn’t dressed appropriately.

Just before her new found fame in the light of the public, she was offered a federal judge position within the state of Massachusetts to oversee some high profile cases and conduct some arraignments. This, however, only brought more fame and pressure, along with new money mixed in with the old money from her parents’ hard work.  Naveah’s life has been threatened numerous times, but only a few occasions have their actually been people attempting to snuff her out from existence, and not care who is around her.  That type of behavior is the sole reason she is now constantly surrounded by armed guards, and transported in armored vehicles everywhere she goes, especially to and from work or anything judicial related.  With her new status in life now, finding potential men to fit that bill of her lifestyle and at the same time having a great personality, has been leading to many heartbreaks and poison love.  Somewhere during her climb to the top of the financial-food chain, she met several men that she believed were worthy of her time and love, but only one she repeated to keep giving herself to over and over.  Their relationship began very strong, sexually and physically, but once again money kept getting in the way of things and she finally found out his true motives of why he was with her.  Needless to say their relationship, which lasted about six months, ended horribly when his body was found dumped in the Hudson River.  The body was mutilated with a head, both hands, both feet and sexual organs missing to never being recovered.  Although she was questioned and interviewed about the case and their relationship, she was never charged and allowed to continue serving in the judicial bureau since no evidence pointed to her, and she never violated any judicial policies.

[Boston, Massachusetts]

On this particular morning, as Naveah Lee arrives at the federal courthouse, she normally saw a crowd just outside the garage entrance while they pulled in. Well, this time it was a crowd, but not as huge as it has been in previous months.  It wasn’t that greatly noticeable, but she expected to see certain people there every day, but this morning they weren’t there.  Naveah took notice as she looked outside her dark tinted window before they entered the garage and the walls blocking her view from the truck.  Once they parked and the scene around her was clear, she was allowed to leave the truck and start walking towards the underground elevator, where two armed security personnel waited for her.  Just as she entered through the elevator doors, she heard commotion behind her, which sounded just a inches from her back, but when she turned around to see what was going on, she only saw her security detail rush on the elevator to keep her safe.  As the doors closed, and the elevator started to go up, the noise going on in the underground level was quickly deafened by their distance from the scene.

The mood inside the courthouse was much different, and peaceful where she could think properly. Almost immediately, after entering her chambers, one of the court bailiffs approaches her with the day’s arraignments and cases.  Naveah looks it over and agrees to the scheduling and sees that she only has a few minutes before getting ready for the first arraignment call.  Several minutes later, one of the court officers see Naveah coming down the hall from her chambers towards the courtroom, opens the door and yells to everyone to rise.  Judge Lee was introduced and ordered everyone to sit down once she reached her chair.  Judge Lee jumps right into it and begins to tackle the first arraignment case on the docket.  After hearing both sides of the case, Judge Lee gave her disposition, which required the defendant to spend another three months in jail before being released on parole.  She calls in for the next arraignment case, which caused the court officers to open up the double doors and bring the next defendant.  The defendant was not spotted immediately by Judge Lee, but just as he got to the table, she raised her head and removed her glasses to get a better look.

Obviously, the defendant is not wanting to be there all chained up, so he has barely noticed the judge staring at him with luscious eyes. All Judge Lee could see was a tall black male, bald, not very muscular, but well-built and carried himself with great confidence, almost an arrogance.  Her eyes and mind could only imagine what his body appeared to look like underneath his jumpsuit, but just from what she could see nearly had her tranced.  Naveah was so fixated on the defendant, that she didn’t hear the court officer trying to get her attention until he touched her hand.  This feeling got her out of the fixation she was in and back down to business to dispose of the case.  Like before, once she heard both sides of the case, she did something that she didn’t do very often to suspects charged with money laundering, attempted murder of his accomplice in a bank robbery and several bank robbery charges.  Jamal Butter, was released on house arrest and was to remain there until the start of the trial, where he would then be transported to the county jail until the conclusion of the case.  Her disposition of the case definitely surprised both councils, who knew not to question her judgement on this case, except bring up their concerns through a legal form she proposed for all attorney’s to follow several weeks prior.

When both parties accepted the terms of the disposition, they started to walk out the courtroom, but Naveah’s eyes were staring directly at Butter’s ass. Watching his cheeks change proportions with each step just got under her skin a little bit, and for that quick minute her mind wandered to having her hands wrapped around that ass; to just squeeze them when their situation would hit climax.  She broke her gaze or her gaze was disturbed when a third defendant was brought in to be arraigned, and it was a middle aged mother, who abused her children and violated her parole.  Needless to say Judge Lee’s concentration and business mind came back with a quickness.  Unless you was in the courtroom, once those double doors were closed behind the parolee, you never knew what occurred and what made the mother walk out several minutes later in complete tears.  It was very apparent that Naveah was being somewhat of a bitch this day, but her mood lightened up a bit when she heard that Khalid X. Cure was being extradited back to Massachusetts for the warrant she authorized on him several years prior.  Hearing this made her day, along with thinking about the house inmate, Jamal Butter, which in her mind made her want to be his jelly, or better yet become his bread for the spread.

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Vincent lies in his hospital bed, still attached to machines and tubes, but his condition is starting come around for the better. Although he may show no love or show any in love emotions towards his wife, Dawn, his fight shows her that he is still somewhat of the same man she married years prior.  Dawn stands at the foot of the bed, playing with her wedding ring and glancing down at it, and begins to think whether she still wants to leave or give him another chance.  Most women in her friendship circle would probably kill her for thinking something like that, but most of them have never been in her shoes.  With her thoughts swaying back and forth, she needs to make sure that her feelings are not of her feeling bad for him, even though Vincent brought this upon himself, indirectly.  Till this moment Dawn is still unaware that Shelly is the reason for the critical condition of her husband, but what she does know, and is aware of, is that the deputy that she spoke to a couple of days ago has just gotten under her nerves.

DAWN PERRY: Her concentration deep into her thoughts is broken with her cell phone ringing. Hello?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Hi, Dawn? You have a minute?

DAWN PERRY: Yes, Shelly. What’s going on?

SHELLY SUMMERS: I thought you should know that I just got a call from a Deputy Roxie Blue? Who the hell is that?

DAWN PERRY: Some deputy sheriff with the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office. Here outside of Pittsburgh.  Why?

SHELLY SUMMERS: She was asking me questions about Vincent, you and the relationship between you two.

DAWN PERRY: Wait! Why was she asking you that?  What do you have to do with this?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Well…apparently they got a search warrant for your phone records, and saw that I was the last person you spoke to before he was found in the house, and got a call from her that night.

DAWN PERRY: What the hell?! You were nowhere near the area!  You telling me she’s fishing for information from my friends!  I got the suspicion she thinks that I did this or know who did!  What did you tell her?

SHELLY SUMMERS: I told her what I knew about the marriage and that I knew it was coming to an end very soon. She tried to get me to go deeper into your character and personality traits.  I know she was looking for something to hang over your head, to question you about.  I don’t believe I gave her anything to use against you.

DAWN PERRY: Starts walking towards the ER exit doors, rubbing her hair and making noises that represents her annoyance. I can’t believe this shit! I’m gonna call her back and speak to her myself about this nonsense.  This is utter bullshit!  I’ll talk to you later Shelly.  I’m gonna handle this with her myself.  Without warning to Shelly, she hangs up the phone.  Leaving Shelly hanging on the other line wondering what the hell just happened.  However, just before Dawn could get her phone call with Deputy Blue, she receives another call almost immediately after speaking to Shelly.

DAWN PERRY: Answers the phone to speak to her mother. Hi mom!

DAWN’S MOTHER: Hi, honey. I’m calling to let you know that Troy (her youngest son) has fallen ill.  I’m going to go to the school to pick him up now, and take him to the doctor’s office.

DAWN PERRY: What’s wrong with him, mom?

DAWN’S MOTHER: Apparently he’s been vomiting very violently, scarring other children and some of the staff. With all the diseases going around lately, I told them I would come and pick him up, after they called and told me what happened. 

DAWN PERRY: Oh my God. Okay, you go to the school and pick him up.  I’ll meet you at the doctor’s office when I get there.  I just have to take care of something real quick.  Don’t leave until I get there, okay? 

DAWN’S MOTHER: Okay. How are things there?

DAWN PERRY: Vincent is doing okay. He’s getting better, it seems, and should be able to release within the next few days.  Of course, it all depends on what he shows and how he does.

DAWN’S MOTHER: What are you thinking, dear? You know exactly what I mean, too.

DAWN PERRY: Takes a long pause and sighs out loud. I don’t know exactly, mom. It’s hard enough to think about what to do here, and think about what the kids will see and feel about this whole thing.

DAWN’S MOTHER: You need to remember dear that he brought this upon himself. I’m not at all wishing illness or anything like that for him, even though I can’t stand the guy, but he needs to live with his actions.  Don’t start feeling sorry for him and what happened.  Make a decision on what is right, not what you feel and afraid of.

DAWN PERRY: Mom has spoken, I see. Chuckles. Well, you take care of that and I will see you two later. Okay?  Love you mom!

DAWN’S MOTHER: Love you dear! See you in a little bit.

As Dawn steps outside of the hospital, towards the parking lot, she begins to dial Deputy Blue’s phone number. Looking to leave her a voice message, it kind of surprises Dawn that Roxie picks up the phone to answer.

ROXIE BLUE: Good morning/afternoon. This is Deputy Roxie Blue of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.  How can I help you?

DAWN PERRY: Begins speaking on the phone with an angry tone of voice. Why are you calling my friends about something they have nothing to do with?

ROXIE BLUE: Shocked at how the conversation started, she responds in kind. Listen, I don’t know who the hell this is on the phone, but you called me. Not the other way around.  If you could give me your name and state your business, maybe I can help you.

DAWN PERRY: It’s Dawn Perry! My husband is Vincent.  He’s laid up in the hospital right now recovering from these mysterious injuries.  You should know because you found him.

ROXIE BLUE: Ohh, yeah I know who this now. Mighty rude of you to just call me at the station and start the conversation off with anger tones.

DAWN PERRY: Listen, just leave my friends out of this. They don’t know who did this, what happened or anything about my marriage, okay?

ROXIE BLUE: Well, Mrs. Perry, I’m just investigating of what happened to your husband. We subpoenaed your phone records, as part of our investigation, and saw the Shelly Summers was the last person you spoke to before your husband was found, near dead in the master bedroom. 

DAWN PERRY: You need to call anyone else?

ROXIE BLUE: Right now we have reasons to believe that you and your husband were having serious enough issues to think that you may know who did this to him.

DAWN PERRY: Am I a suspect in this case?! With a very shocking respond.

ROXIE BLUE: You are definitely a person of interest, however, we have no evidence or reasons of that nature to say you are a suspect in this case. I would ask you to stay in the area until this investigation is solved or stopped cold.

DAWN PERRY: Such bullshit! You can think of me whatever you want, but I tell you now that none of my friends are capable of this!  I’ve been cooperative so far with your investigation!  Don’t start smearing my name through the mud just for your pleasure.

ROXIE BLUE: Mrs. Perry….hears a dial tone in her ear. Roxie sits there trying to figure out what the hell just happened.  The other detective working on the case with her, notices her demeanor and checks on her.  When Roxie repeats the conversation to him, in summary form, he shows a weird, confused expression as to think of Dawn’s malfunction and defense of Shelly.  It was then that looking deeper in Shelly’s and Dawn’s background was authorized for more clues and possible information to be used later.

[Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]

This day has been a very long day for Shelly, but being a trooper that she is, she was able to push through it. She couldn’t wait until the end of the day though, and the sight of the shadow figure was still fresh in her mind.  Although she is thankful no one saw the mysterious figure, she was still disturbed that the DUI suspect was readmitted into the ER and is now clinging to life.  When walked out of the hospital doors to proceed to her car, she grabbed her keys out of her purse, unlocked the car and sat in the driver seat.  Shelly immediately took in a deep breath and slowly let it flow out of her lungs through her nose.  This point she put the key into the ignition and attempted to turn it on, but nothing happened.  Attempted a second time to turn the car on and still nothing happened, but she also noticed no lights on her instrument panel shined too.  Of course, this started to frustrate her and she began to feel her blood boil inside as she attempted a third and fourth time with no success.  She closed her eyes and took in another deep breath to calm her nerves so she could think of what to do next.  As she sat there and went to reach for the door handle to step out of the car, the door seemed jammed.  A shocking sensation started to fill her veins and then immediately after it turned to her starting feel scared since she couldn’t get out of the car.

Several attempts to unlock her car door and get out was wearing her down, as she started to scream out to anyone to help her, but no one was around. Shelly really started to freak out and began banging on her car window in almost an attempt to break it.  Tears began to run down her face as she thought she was trapped in her own car, and the inside temperature began to rise to uncomfortable levels.  The next thing she knew as she reached for the tissue box on her passenger seat and wiped her eyes, and blew her nose, she looked at the used tissue and saw bright red blood.  Shelly just froze in place as her eyes got big, not believing in what she is seeing, but once she looked in the rear view mirror, and her horror was true to her sight.  She could see blood stains on her face, and blood covered tears flowing from her eyes as she frantically used more and more tissues to clean her face.  Trying to stay calm became an impossible task as she began to frantically cry and scream inside the car for this day to end.  With her eyes closed, she leaned her head forward, while gripping the steering wheel, and felt herself hyperventilating, which she knew would activate her asthma if she didn’t get things under control.

Shelly raised her head back up and glanced back in her rear view mirror, and was absolutely scared to death when she saw a figure in her backseat, with glaring red eyes and blacker than black hair. Her scream just filled the car as the windows began to fog up from the interior temperature continuing to rise, which started to activate her asthma in the very worse way.  Screaming out, “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??!” as she turned around to face the mysterious figure, which immediately disappeared not to be seen back there.  Taking in a deep breath once again from the shock of how quickly the figure disappeared, she quickly turned around and saw that her windows were no longer fogged up and the temperature inside the car quickly dissipated.  Her reaction was to jump out of the car, which was very successful when the driver’s side door opened up.  After she flung the door open and jumped out, backing away from the car, she started to wipe her face and saw no more blood; just plain watery tears as they should be.  Glancing around her to make sure that no one was seeing this situation unfold, and seeing the mysterious figure, she began to slowly relax and calm herself down completely.

One visitor that was parked next to her, came up behind her to see if she was okay, touched her on the shoulder, which made her flinch and almost jump out of her skin. Her reaction scared the visitor, who also jumped back with his hands up to protect himself, and show her that he meant no harm to her.  When she was able to see what he was trying to do, she quickly apologized and told the visitor that she is going to be okay, and quickly thanked him for his concern.  As the visitor walked away to his car, she slowly walked back towards her car as if she was expecting for something else to happen.  Shelly cautiously got back in her car, checked her rearview mirror and snapped her head towards the backseat quickly to make sure nothing was back there, and saw no one or anything.  Feeling somewhat relieved, she turned back around and reached for the key in the ignition, and started the car.  Never in a long time was hearing her car turn on such a relief, but she also knew that what she is experiencing is not normal.  During her motion to pull the car out of the parking space, Shelly knew one person she could reach out to for help.

Making her way to the Covens Church sermon, she knew she had to reach out to this person immediately, to have her explain things in clear cut detail. Once Shelly arrived at the location of their weekly Wicca meeting, she entered through the side door of the building and saw two women standing there, to welcome her.  They asked for a way to identify herself that she belongs to that section, which made Shelly produce the scroll that was tattooed on her right breast.  After they were satisfied to her identification, they allowed her to enter through another set of double doors, which led to the actual sermon room.  With the room very dark, and just lit up with candles on the wall, and walkway, enough so you can see where you are going, she could see the woman she needed to speak too.  Making her way up to the front row seats, and sitting in the aisle seat, her eyes gazed right at the speaker, who was quoting one scripture from an old passage that was written hundreds of years ago, in southern England.  This nearly mesmerized Shelly and almost miss the woman she needed to speak too, who got up out of her seat and walked through the heavy curtains hanging up behind her.

Obviously, this made Shelly break gaze at the speaker, watch the woman walk through the curtains and disappear behind them. Shelly slowly got up, trying not to disturb the low-lit sermon going on, and make her way towards a door that leads to the rear of the building.  With no one standing by the access door, she was able to walkthrough it and started down this long hallway in searching for the woman.  After only a few minutes of searching, Shelly saw the woman standing in the hallway speaking to another high ranking member of the Covens Church.  Shelly slowly made her way down the hallway to the two women speaking, which she accidently interrupted when they both stopped talking to each other, and glanced at Shelly.  The woman that Shelly was seeking, turned back around to the other lady and motioned that they will speak at a later time.  Shelly started speaking to her knowing she was violating one of the rules of church.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Hi. I’m Shelly Summers and I need your immediate help, my lady.

RUBY REDD: I know who you are Ms. Summers. You know you shouldn’t be back here unless otherwise given permission to do so.  I advise you to go back out to the sermon and proceed with the proper procedures in seeking council.

SHELLY SUMMERS: My lady, I would do that, but your assistance and advice is of most importance. Immediate attention I must add.

RUBY REDD: Nothing of your matters are of that importance that you would surely defy the sanctity of the covens. We have rules and personal morals that we must follow and abide by those in order to live within the realm of becoming eternally grateful to our gods.  Now, I will not tell you again.  Leave.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Watching Rudy walk away from her as she kept talking. My lady, this is something that I can’t wait for permission from the Coven Council. I need help now!  I’m being tormented by a shadow figure!  I nearly died today!

RUBY REDD: The shouting of Shelly’s words made her stop immediately and turn back around. Walking slowly back towards Shelly and stopping just far enough for her to speak in a normal voice.  What are you talking about? No one has experienced the torment of the shadow figure in centuries, which is known to be the devil himself in some cases.  You mustn’t have come here!  The attachment of such entity can only bring death and destruction to you, let alone to others that are close to you, around you.  Now, I know you must leave here at once and not come back until this thing is gone.

SHELLY SUMMERS: This shadow figure came about at work, and was displayed to me when I self-tranced myself in the bathroom. I….

RUBY REDD: Wait! Hypnotizing oneself is one of those thing that you should never do.  Doing such a thing creates a negative energy within yourself and can only be expressed in one of two ways.

SHELLY SUMMERS: What do you mean?

RUBY REDD: You either destroy oneself, death of one’s soul, death of your physical well-being; and the other is releasing the unforgivenss part of your inner soul and those emotions and thoughts becoming real and life-like. When you self-tranced yourself, you must’ve been having harsh feelings towards a situation in your life that you never got over.  How long has this been going on?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Maybe only 24 hours. One person is clinging to life and I nearly died in my car today, before coming here. 

RUBY REDD: Explain.

SHELLY SUMMERS: I was in my car crying from the kind of day I had, saw blood flowing from my tears and nose. Then, I saw some figure in my backseat with bright red eyes and extremely black hair.  I screamed and turned around and everything was fine.

RUBY REDD: Do you know what you’ve done, Ms. Summers?

SHELLY SUMMERS: No. That’s why I am here. 

RUBY REDD: You’ve just released one of Hades soldiers of the underworld. For you seeing what you saw today, and experienced a near death experience, means the force is evolving very quickly.  One of our greatest and most prominent women of the Wicca faith stepped out of her marriage, and reproduced with a man of the underworld some centuries ago.  Although she was punished for her actions and thrown into the pits of the deepest hell, other witches stood up and fought a war to sustain their civilization to what we know today.  Even though Hades was defeated, he always held the most hatred towards others practicing the faith that so once defeated him to the underworld for eternity.  The last thing he claimed was a vengeance against us all that oppose him, but no one ever knew how he would accomplish this feat.  I only know that you released one of his soldiers because what you describe it what our ancestors dealt with during our struggle to survive in a world that sees us as the evil arm of Satan.  You put us all in danger.  This entity could be alone, or something that could be the start of something much bigger and could destroy the world we very much live in. 

SHELLY SUMMERS: How do we stop this thing from getting any bigger and more dangerous?

RUBY REDD: There is nothing that can be done to help this situation, Ms. Summers. You’ve brought this upon yourself and must deal with it the best way you know how as such.

SHELLY SUMMERS: What?! You just said that I might have brought all of us in danger.  Everyone around me could die because of this entity being released, which wasn’t on purpose.  If you don’t want to suffer and die like our ancestors did back in the dark world then, I need your help in our bright world now. 

RUBY REDD: I need to share something with you, Ms. Summers. Wait for me in the sermon hall after the events tonight, and I will escort you to a place that is not visited very much.  There we could find something that might be of help for this situation.  Can you wait tonight?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Yeah. I’ll be here.  Turns around and heads back out towards the sermon hall.

RUBY REDD: Watches Shelly exit through the door back out to the sermon hall when she is approached by another high ranking woman from behind. We have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Immediately, after tonight’s ceremony we need to get the sacrifice chambers ready. 

WICCA WOMAN: Who or what are we sacrificing?

RUBY REDD: Turns around and looks at the woman in her eyes before walking off past her. One of our own.

[Miles into the Russian Territory]

After arriving at the prison camp, where Aya discovers later that other prisoners are being held there by the Russian government. Aya hangs underneath the transport truck for at another hour or two, until darkness, and slowly lowers herself to the ground.  When she finally releases her grip from the undercarriage of the truck, the tightness of her muscles nearly overcomes her as she crosses her arms, across her chest, grimacing in pain.  It only takes a few minutes for the tightness and pain to release from her arms before she is able to slowly maneuver herself from under the transport vehicle.  Rolling on the ground, exposing herself to the unknown dangers, she gets up on one knee and quickly looks around to see if anyone is around to spot her.  Once the coast is clear, Aya starts creeping in and around the parked military trucks looking and listening where they took Daniel for safekeeping.  It would take Aya nearly several minutes, through open fields and heavy thick brush before coming to a site where other political prisoners are being held.

Majority of the political prisoners are being held inside small wooden and metal cages with barely enough room to stand up and stretch their limbs. While moving through the set of brushes, and under the cover of darkness, she could see a camp fire going with several Russian soldiers sitting, laughing and walking around doing what they do.  Also from her vantage view, looking across the encamped soldiers, see other prisoners caged in the wooden and metal containers, but not sure whether Daniel is being kept there or not.  Aya continues to creep around the outer perimeter of the first encampment and discovers a trip wire that is to set off numerous flares into the sky of any intruders around.  At this point she realizes that this rescue mission maybe more than what she bargained for, but leaving her partner behind in this prison camp would almost spell out certain death sentence.  Slowly stepping over one trip wire, and then another, her heartbeat is in her throat and her breathing becomes labored, but her concentration is very sharp and heighten.

Obviously, the new found traps to trip up any untrained intruder slows her down, but knowing that she has to figure out a way to break Daniel out is a challenge to her, and she loves it. After going all the way around the outer perimeter of the first encampment, she sneaks and stays low among the prisoners caged, and crawls to see if Daniel is in one of the animal cages.  While crawling through dirt and weeds, she slides by one of the cages and catches the attention of one of the political prisoners, who makes a noise to be noticed by Aya.  This stops Aya in her crawling, and catches the attention of one of the Russian soldiers nearby sitting on a rock, smoking a cigarette.  Now her nervousness has turned to being scared of being discovered and almost killed on the spot.  Hiding behind some very tall weeds and grass, Aya can see the Russian soldier, approximately just a few feet away looking around and looking at the prisoner who made the noise.  The prisoner kept making a noise for Aya to see him, but she never moved to even look back at him as her attention was at the Russian solider just feet in front of her.  After a few minutes of the prisoner making the initial noise, and waking up another prisoner nearby, the Russian soldier stood up, tossed his cigarette and started speaking in Russian towards the prisoners to be quiet.

As she stepped just inches from Aya, in the tall grass, she makes the impulse decision to remove her knife from her boot. At the point the Russian soldier saw movement beneath him in the grass and glanced down to see what was causing the grass to move with very little wind, and spotted a dark object lying still underneath him.  With no moonlight shining down from the dark, cloudy sky, he had to get on his knees to get a closer look at what he was seeing, but by then Aya jammed the knife deep into throat to keep the soldier from screaming out.  Blood flowed down the blade of the knife, on to the handle, and upon her aggressive hand as she kept the knife in position until she saw the life completely leave the body of the Russian soldier.  Aya lowered his lifeless body to the ground, still on her side in the grass, and yanks the knife out of his throat, wiping the blood off using her pant leg.  Knowing that it will only be a matter of time before the others spot their comrade missing, she starts to whisper to the awoken prisoners in Russian of where they took the new prisoner.  Through speaking Russian to the prisoners she got the information she needed and promised them that she will be back for them if she can.  Aya then quickly crawls through the tall grass and weeds to the second encampment.

Knowing that time is of the essence, she sprints the mile up a dirt road to the second camp, which is more sophisticated than the first one. Once she got down the dirt road, and glanced behind her to see if anyone was coming, she dives in the brushes and crawls up the wooden and barbed wire fence.  Looking through the fence she could see where most of the firepower was in protecting the prisoners and whatever else of importance they had there.  Quickly looking around from her vantage point, she could see there was another part of the camp that she couldn’t see clearly.  Aya glances back again to see if anyone was coming, and saw headlights from a transport truck coming down the dirt road.  Not knowing whether this is another prisoner being transported, a security alert to the missing soldier or something else entirely, she quickly jumps back into the woods.  As the transport truck pulls up, she sees that it is only one driver and no one in the back, which led her to believe that they might be coming to pick up one or more prisoners.  While the truck sits at the gate, and the guard is engaged in a conversation with the driver, Aya sees her small window of opportunity to sneak on the back of the truck without being seen.

Aya lies herself down on her back behind the tailgate, with the canvass top of the truck also concealing her as well. She feels the truck proceeding through the gate and through the camp site, where she slowly pokes her head up over the tailgate to see what is there and the obstacles.  Several minutes later, the trucks pulls up to another building and suddenly stops, where the driver jumps out and walks by the rear of the truck and up the steps.  A few seconds later the door of the building opens and out comes Daniel blindfolded and bound hands behind his back, with three other soldiers, heavily armed, escorting him out and towards the rear of the truck.  Her time to spring into action has now presented itself to her, whether she was ready for it or not.  Once the tailgate dropped, the driver saw Aya lying on her side smiling at him, which was just enough to freeze his reacting in reaching for his sidearm and enough for her to deliver a hard kick to the face.  The other three soldiers saw Aya and started yelling in Russian, but by then she was on top of them, with Daniel being knocked down to the ground face first.

Her knife went into the first soldier’s throat, dropped kicked the second one in the face, knocking him to the ground and kicking the third soldier in the knee, dropping him immediately. Aya removed the knife from the first soldier’s throat, sliced the second soldier’s throat when he stood up and dropped her knee into the third soldier’s stomach and jammed the knife into his chest, penetrating his heart.  Immediately, she removed her knife, picked up Daniel and tossed him the back of the truck, along with her knife to free himself.  It took Daniel a few minutes to discover that it was Aya risking her life to save him from the clutches of the Red Army’s grip.  Aya jumped into the driver seat and began driving the truck back towards the main gate, risking the major onslaught from the encampment’s security measures.  While driving down the road, and entering the main part of the camp, one of the Russian soldiers recognize that it wasn’t one of their own driving the truck and opened fire.  Within a matter of a seconds, it seemed like the entire camp unleashed their firepower on the transport truck, which was obviously not built to withstand that kind of punishment.  As the rounds penetrate through the canvass backing of the truck, the windshield, the doors and engine block, Aya is wounded in the left thigh by one round coming through the driver side door.

Daniel is on the floor in the rear of the transport truck ducking rounds just a few inches from his head. He yells to her, “GET US THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!” and with sarcasm she yells back, “I WASN’T SURE IF YOU WANTED TO STAY!” which makes him respond, “OH YEAH!  PLEASE TAKE ME BACK SO I CAN FACE MORE TORTURE! HEARING HOW THEY WERE GOING TO PUT ME TO DEATH WAS LIKE MY MOTHER READING A NIGHTIME STORY!”  The closer she got to the main gate, the heavier the firepower it seemed, but with only the gate in the way at first, it was now being blocked by a truck with two soldiers standing on the back of it firing directly into the windshield.  Aya yells back at Daniel, “HOLD ON!  YOU MIGHT FEEL A LITTLE BUMP!”  And ducks on the floor of the cabin and pushes down on the accelerator.  By the time the soldiers saw that she wasn’t stopping it, their smaller truck was hit and destroyed by the transport truck, killing the driver and the two soldiers.  Immediately, after busting through the barricade, she sat back up and sped down the dirt road she once ran up to get to the camp.  The other soldiers at the first encampment heard what was going on and stood in the roadway, as a human roadblock.

They soon opened fire on the truck, but was also unsuccessful when she ran them all over causing human speedbumps. With things in the area way too hot, Aya had to bypass the first camp and leave the prisoners there, in hoping to come back to them later.  Leaving them made her feel so bad, as she broke her promise, but to make it right she would risk herself once again to save them from pure death and torture.  First she must take Daniel and herself to a safe house in the countryside and discover what is the next move.


MARCH 27, 2016 – CHAPTER 7



You know, in our society today, getting along with other cultures and nationalities seem to be more of a challenge in some cases, but in other cases you see unlikely allies. Seeing cultures, and other societies, getting along with each other in a peaceful fashion and coexistence, it can sometimes bring you hope and possibility of things working out in the future.  However, on the flip side of that cultural coin, some society divisions can’t and will not get along no matter what is proposed or what solution is warranted for them.  In these situations in order to get those cultures to coexist with each other sometimes is to have some sweet deal or some mutual understanding that would not affect them in a negative light.  As we see with negotiations between countries and social-intellectuals, where forcing an agreement can be a long and very lengthy process.

Well, this day actually showed why some African nations, and clans, don’t coexist and why that continent is always having some kind of turmoil. When all hell broke loose inside the Marriott Hotel, most of us were working an overtime assignment; Maryland Terrapins football game.  I can’t say that I was happy I wasn’t on regular duty, patrol, because with this huge ass mess that happened no one was safe from being called in to assist other officers.  What I do know is that I was working the overtime assignment when a call or alert tone came out that made everyone’s heart skip one or two beats.  Our day began with a normal briefing of the football game and who Maryland was playing, however, I don’t recall anyone mentioning some African sponsored event during our briefing either.  I can only say African because I certainly don’t remember the clans that were fighting each other, but I do know they were from somewhere on the African continent.  My overtime assignment was somewhere not too far from the Marriott because I was one of the first officers, not on patrol, to respond and arrive on scene.

After this immediate assistance to our officers was called out over the radio, I either got the authorization or just took it upon myself to leave my post and go to assist my fellow officers. Sometimes when shit hits the fan you don’t have time to follow the protocol, chain of command or ask for permission to do things.  Especially when your fellow officers are in dying need of your help.  What made this call for assistance even more immediate was that the officers working on the overtime event and patrol officers are on two different radio channels.  So that would mean that the dispatcher had to relay this information of a mass fight at the Marriott over several different channels, which could be done at one time with one button.  As I am screaming, meaning the speed of my cruiser, towards the Marriott Hotel on campus, UMUC, the incoming traffic for the football game is still coming.  At the same time we have kids playing around with footballs, and doing other activities through the parking lots and crossing the street.

Now, I am probably less than a minute away from the hotel, and I am approaching one of the traffic circles. Cars and trucks are moving out of my way, barely, and traffic in and around the circle is still there.  Finally, just before I enter the traffic circle vehicles started to find ways to get out of the way to only allow me to loudly screech tires around the circle.  I remember one lady’s face as I came around the circle with the cruiser leaning hard to the right, and tires skipping and sending ear piercing screeches.  Her face was like the sound of the tires were hurting her ears as she sat in her vehicle ready to proceed through the circle after I left.  In the short distance left to the hotel, I must’ve topped at about 80mph before screeching one more time around the corner through one of the hotel entrances.  Once I finally got there, and ran into through the hotel doors with other officers, everything was quite.  I was expecting all kinds of loudness and people running around the lobby area, but little did I know the actual area of problems was inside the auditorium.

After the doors of the auditorium opened up, it was like the sound inside the room just exploded outside. The only thing I could remember was that the room was full of smoke, some people with partial clothing torn off, covered in eggs and rubbing their eyes and coughing.  Little did we all know, who are just arriving, that pepper spray was used, eggs were being thrown from both sides and that it was more of a political event.  For a while I had no idea what was going on and who was who, except that we had the duty now to kick every one of them out of the hotel immediately.  Trying to get them out of the hotel, which I found out it was two different groups that hate each other, was the one of the hardest part.  Hotel staff had to tell both groups that they are no longer welcome there anymore and were banned from ever attending the hotel in the future.  Apparently, some of the attendees were arrested and transported to the regional jail, while others were forced out and put on their respective buses.

The whole situation probably took about more than an hour to settle, and probably several more minutes to get them to leave the hotel grounds. As far as I know not much damage was caused in the auditorium, but enough for it to be shut down for a few days.  Later on, I found out that the two groups that were fighting each other, are also fighting each other over in their home country and the hatred or dislike toward each other is just as strong if not stronger.  The last thing we needed was other cultures and groups bringing their fight and anger toward each other from one country to ours.  I can’t say we are much better at that either, but I think you get my drift on that statement.  HOT FRIED MESS!

Henry Scott


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter V

[Ukrainian-Russian Border]

Aya Silverman, who was able to escape her pursuers, is now on a mission to save her American partner, Daniel Storm, who is now on the verge of being transported to the Russian-Ukrainian border. Although there are several entry-exit points across the border, only a handful of roads heavily travelled actually are used.  This obviously is a challenge for Aya, but with her resourceful mind and capabilities in knowing how to conversate with villagers, she was able to discover that one of the only dirt roads that is mostly covered by brush and century old trees is the path that will be taken by the Ukrainians.  With this information, Aya makes her way through the countryside, but knows she has to encounter mud paths, streams and possibly sympathetic villagers of the Russian cause.  The closer she got to the eastern border, she found that it was more and more challenging to sneak by with Russian Rebels patrolling just miles from the checkpoint.  Some of the rebels are in Old Russian uniforms and others are dressed as villagers, but regardless of their outer appearance, carrying automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades was a very intimidating site.

Then minutes after she arrived at a very thick brush where she could see the border checkpoint, which is approximately 100 yards, she feels the ground underneath her feet rumbling. She holds her breath for a few seconds to make sense of the feeling and hears the heavy engines and huge tires coming down the dirt road, which is only a few feet from her right.  Aya gets herself lower to the ground, in the prone position, and waits for the trucks to pass her by.  It was about the third truck, out of about five troop carriers, that she was able to see Daniel bounded in the back, surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.  Her staring at him didn’t make him notice her hiding in the brush, but she knew trying to rescue with in this situation would either get her and Daniel killed, or she would become another prize capture for the forces.  Now, her thinking switches to the potential of hitching a ride with the captures, but doing so and not get noticed would be asinine.  Several seconds past as the trucks get closer to the border, but to her satisfying sight they stop before the gate was lifted to allow them to proceed across.  This was the time she needed to create a diversion to sneak underneath one of the transport trucks.

As she lies there still in the prone trying to figure out her diversion, she just remembers that she had matches and an accelerant tucked in her boots. Aya gathers her materials from inside her boots and crawls closer going very slowly until she is about 50 yards away from the guard shack.  Just as she was about to set a brush fire, one of the rebels come walking by her and stops within a couple of feet from her location.  Not sure if she has been spotted, Aya keeps her head down and lies very still while slowly using her right hand to uncover her knife from her inside the belt.  It felt like an eternity moment as the rebel stood there smoking his cigarette.  All kinds of possibilities are running through her mind if she gets caught, and what she will need to do fight out of this situation.  Then suddenly, she glances up and notices that the rebel was done with his cigarette and was about to toss it, but her fear that he would drop it on her, which would undoubtedly cause her severe pain.  As another rebel calls him over, he drops the partially lit cigarette by her head close enough that she could feel the heat and smoke still bellowing from it.  Aya waits for a few steps away from her when she quickly goes into action and using the partially lit cigarette to her advantage.

Once she started the fire, which began as a smolder, she quickly crawled away to another set of heavy brush, which was just a few feet away from where she set the fire. Quicker than she realized the smoke got heavier and heavier and then a flame started to quickly consume the brush she was just hiding in.  Lying there anxious if this would work and not burn herself, she began to hear Ukrainian and Russian voices yelling at each other.  Knowing Russian and some Ukrainian dialect, she knows they are pointing in her direction about the fire and what to do about it.  Aya starts to realize that when they start running over to her position, she needs to move immediately.  From her prone position she could see the troops in the back of the carrier jumping out to squelch the brush fire, which is now starting to grow tremendously.  When she figured the coast was clear she got to her feet, keeping her head down, and started sprinting towards the last troop carrier and slid underneath.  After she got underneath the truck, Aya secured herself to the bottom of the truck and just waits for everything to calm down.  She dips her head down, and while viewing everything upside down, she could see that they are blaming the rebel who was smoking causing the fire.  After several minutes of fighting the brush fire, and everything calms down, all the troops board back on the carriers and are finally cleared to cross the border.  Unknown how long she will be hiding underneath the truck being hit with rocks and dirt from the gravel road at high speeds, she gets it in her mind to hold on for dear life.

[Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]

This Black Shadow Figure that Shelly has now seen roaming the hospital, at least in the emergency room area, is really unsettling to her soul. Shelly could not have seen this coming at any point in her moral compass, and now her nerves are even more on edge not knowing what will take place in the coming minutes, days or even hours.  As she realizes what just happened, and quickly sees that no one else experienced what she just witnessed.  It must’ve been at least several minutes before she left the part of the floor she was standing in for a while before heading back to her patient, Christine Jones.  When she rounded the corner, she saw a city policeman leaving her room and heading towards the suspect’s room, where another officer was waiting for his partner to return.  Shelly is somewhat shocked about this development and walks into Christine’s room to see her sitting up on the edge of the bed, trying to gather her strength to use the bathroom.  Christine is relieved to see her nurse come walking in and gives a nice smile as to show that relief.  Soon, Shelly was helping Christine down the hall towards the patient bathroom when both noticed that the DUI suspect was being released into police custody; still bandaged up, but able to walk on his own power.  This sight was somewhat enraging to Shelly as she never got her inner emotions settled on this scumbag of a human.

Just as she guided Christine into the bathroom, she felt the cold breeze of air go through her body, which made her let go of Christine’s arm. Christine, who was trying to pull up her gown before she sat on the toilet, lost her balance and caught herself by grabbing hold of the sink.  For a brief second Shelly forgot about where she was and who she was helping, and got jolted back to reality when she heard the cries of Christine trying to keep from falling completely to the floor.  Shelly nearly yelled out, “OH MY GOD!!” when she saw Christine struggling to hold herself up and rushed into the bathroom apologizing repeatedly.  It was a warm sensation that came over her heart when Christine quickly forgave her for letting her go, as she understood why her concentration was broken.  Shelly made it up to her later by giving her more medication for her injuries to her ribs, lower right leg and a partial head injury, which were results of the accident.  Once Christine was put back into her room, Shelly heard the commotion of people running outside the emergency room ambulance doors.  She told Christine to hold on and she will be right back after she figures out what is happening.  Well, it was clear to her what happened when she finally made it outside and saw the DUI suspect on his back bleeding heavily from his eyes and ears, seizing violently.  Although her emotions wanted to see him suffer for what he did to her best friend, and now to another innocent person, her duty over-took those inner settings and allowed her to help the suspect.

Several minutes later the suspect was wheeled back into the emergency room for lifesaving measures. Shelly followed them as far as the operation room doors before they closed in front of her and watched them through the small crack trying to save his life.  The way she was feeling prior towards this guy would make you believe that she would feel vindicated about what is occurring, but her sensitive side, the loving personality of her soul is now starting to come to the surface.  Her eyes nearly teared up for this guy as he was struggling for his life, but she knew she would feel much better to see him face justice in the courts.  Now, she must wait to see how this unfortunate circumstance will play out for her and for the suspect.  As she slowly makes her way back to Christine’s room, rubbing her face with both hands, she undoubtedly sees the shadow figure once again standing at the entrance of her patient’s room.  Shelly immediately stops in her tracks and her heart begins to flutter with overwhelming nervousness and fear of what will happen next being near Christine’s curtain.  Christine is unaware of what lurks outside her room, but will be scared shitless of what happens next.  As Shelly continues to stare at this shadow figure lurking outside Christine’s room, her rage and anger begins to show as she knows it is responsible for what just occurred in the OR.

Shelly suddenly yells at the shadow figure to get away from her room, but she quickly forgot that she is the only person that can see the anomaly. Everyone in the ER suddenly stops doing their work to see who she was yelling at and in front of what room.  Suddenly, the shadow figure darted quickly into Christine’s room, with the curtains flapping like it was a solid figure that entered.  All of Shelly’s inner being was displayed when she darted towards Christine’s room as if she heard the gunshots for the 100M race, which she did run in college.  However, the moment was very embarrassing to her when she rushed into Christine’s room to only see that it was Christine sitting up in her bed in complete shock.  Everyone was very alarmed of how Shelly was acting and how she darted into her patient’s room, which made two other nurses follow in behind her.  Even though it took several minutes before security arrived, all the people inside the room just stared at Shelly in silence as she gave the thousand yard stare, with wide eyes.  One of the ER doctor’s entered the room and broke the silence by calling out to Shelly to find out what the hell is going on.  Christine kept starting at Shelly and made a comment towards the doctor that she looks like she saw a ghost or something that frightened her.  This really scared Shelly, feeling all the eyes in the room on her, and making eye contact with the doctor, who is motioning to her to go outside in the hallway.  As everyone leaves her room, Christine still sitting up in her bed staring at the curtain that lightly sways back and forth, has seen that look in someone’s eyes before, and is very curious of what Shelly actually saw.

One of the nurses escort Shelly to the break-room so she could rest and take a break from everything. Soon after the nurse left, Shelly heard and felt her personal cell phone ring in her scrub pants pocket.  Trying to figure out who is calling her, she looks at the number on the screen and doesn’t recognize it at all, but answers anyway.

SHELLY: Hello?

DEPUTY BLUE: Hello. Is this Shelly Summers?

SHELLY: Yes. May I ask who this is?

DEPUTY BLUE: Deputy Blue of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.

SHELLY: Oh, hi deputy. How can I help you?

DEPUTY BLUE: Do you know Dawn Perry?

SHELLY: Yes, I do her. What is this about?

DEPUTY BLUE: Her husband was violently attacked at his house couple of nights ago. We see that Dawn spoke to you last on the night of the attack.  I would like to speak to you about that.

Shelly knows exactly what happened to Vincent, although she may not know his exact injuries. Silence falls on the phone as she struggles to find the next words to not give any suspicion.

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Even with the love lost between Dawn and Vincent ever present in their marriage, her care for his well-being is still current and shows as she stays by his side at the hospital while he recovers from his injuries. Dawn is still unaware that his condition was caused by the spells of Shelly, which being a Wicca is also unknown to Dawn’s knowledge.  While Vincent is sleeping from the very strong medication they gave him for the pain and discomfort, Dawn steps outside in the hospital parking lot to make her phone call to the attorney in Birmingham, Vermont.  Dawn waited on the phone, as it rang over and over again for only a few seconds, before someone answered.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Good afternoon! Birmingham County Clerk’s Office. This is Suzie Williams.  How can I help you?

DAWN PERRY: Hi, this is Dawn Perry. I’m looking for William Georgia.  He called me a couple of days ago and left me a message to call him back.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Oh, hi Ms. Perry. We’ve been expecting your call.  Mr. Georgia is not in right now, but if you would like to leave a message for him, I will surely give it to him.

DAWN PERRY: Well, I was hoping when I can schedule an interview with you, so I can see if this move is right for me at this point.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Sure. Our calendar is very full right now, and I may have Mr. Georgia call you back with a better time frame.  From my guess it looks like you could have an interview later this month.  Will that be okay with you?

DAWN PERRY: That will be just fine. Whom am I speaking with again?

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Suzie Williams. I’m an attorney here at the courthouse in Birmingham County.  Anyone getting hired for this position will be working closely with me. 

DAWN PERRY: Oh okay. Yeah, if you could give my message to Mr. Georgia that I called, I would be greatly appreciative.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Sure, no problem. I’ll give it to him and have him call you when he gets the chance.  Alright?

DAWN PERRY: Thank you so much. You have a bless day.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Thank you! You have a great day too!

Almost immediately after Dawn’s conversation with Suzie was completed, she receives a phone call from her best friend Shelly.



DAWN PERRY: Yes, Shelly.

SHELLY SUMMERS: I got a call from a Deputy Blue of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office, about Vincent.

DAWN PERRY: What? When?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Just a few minutes ago. They were asking me questions about your relationship with him, what kind of person you are and did I know any animosity that was placed against him.  The phone interview went on for about ten minutes or so.

DAWN PERRY: What purpose would she have calling you? How did they get your number? In an agitated voice of the situation.

SHELLY SUMMERS: According to her I was the last person you spoke to before Vincent was found near death in your house. I can only guess they subpoena your phone records and found out the time line that way.

DAWN PERRY: This is utter bullshit! Going after my closes friends for information about this case?!  Oh, I thank you for telling me that Shelly.  I’m gonna talk to her once we’re done here.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Paused for a brief moment before continuing to speak, changing the subject. How is Vincent doing anyway?

DAWN PERRY: He’s recovering from his injuries pretty well. He will probably be released sometime in a few days.  Probably by this coming weekend.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Good. How are you holding up?

DAWN PERRY: I’m kind of having an emotional rollercoaster ride right now. I called for that position in Birmingham County, Vermont just several minutes ago. 

SHELLY SUMMERS: You going to go forward with this new job? What about the kids, Dawn?

DAWN PERRY: That’s my real focus at this point, Shelly. The kids are my main focus out of all this.  I know things between him and I are not the greatest, but I can’t believe he would actually bring another woman into my home, my house, where the kids live. 

SHELLY SUMMERS: Who was she?

DAWN PERRY: I don’t have a damn clue. Some blonde bitch!  What does it matter anyway?  He’s obviously shown me what he wants to do and how he wants things to go.

SHELLY SUMMERS: I’m curious then of why you are there with him at the hospital?

DAWN PERRY: I honestly don’t know. Maybe some small part of me still loves him, but he is the father of our kids so I owe it to them to make sure their father is doing okay.  Regardless of our situation.  I still care for him though and don’t want to see him suffering like this.  I don’t know who did this to him, but whether they knew about him and I or not, he still didn’t deserve this kind of horrible treatment.

SHELLY SUMMERS: She sits quite on the phone and closes her eyes know she is responsible for Vincent’s condition, but still keeps it to herself. I’m sorry, again, Dawn about everything you are going through right now. I’m here for you if you need someone to talk too. 

DAWN PERRY: Thanks Shelly. I’m gonna go now, but I will keep you updated on how things are here.  Speak to you later.  Love you!

SHELLY SUMMERS: Love you dear!

[Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.]

Local authorities are now on scene of the shooting of Minister Cure, investigating and interviewing witnesses. As they are processing the enormous crime scene, police are also at the hospital interviewing the minister of what happened, and to share some updated information not pertaining to the case.  After the police are cleared by the medical staff to speak to Khalid, they enter his room and see him sitting on the bed, obviously in pain from the shooting just a couple of hours earlier.

DETECTIVE #1: Afternoon, Khalid. I’m Detective Franklin and this is Detective Whitney.  We’re from the state police and would like to speak to you about what occurred just a couple of hours ago on the interstate.

MINISTER CURE: Yes detectives, people tried to assassinate me in plain view of the public. They tried to humiliate me and show the world of my death, like this was some kind of sick fantasy. 

DETECTIVE #1: What do you remember?

MINISTER CURE: Loud noise of glass shattering and rounds ricocheting off the interior of the car. Men trying to protect me, gave their own lives to make sure I didn’t face the same fate as they did.  I just remember talking to one of the young men when a vehicle next to us opened fire.

DETECTIVE #2: Do you have any idea who could have plotted the assassination?

MINISTER CURE: Go around the country, around the world, and you will probably find all kinds of people from every culture and walk of life that would like to see me six feet under, but directly threatening my life is something I know nothing about.

DETECTIVE #2: You have received threats from numerous people, and even some extremists groups. You have no information of who might want to be bold enough to want you dead?

MINISTER CURE: No detective. I have no information for you on that note.  Sorry to disappoint you.

DETECTIVE #1: You have a rally coming up in D.C. correct?

MINISTER CURE: Yes. To celebrate the lives of all the young black men and women trying to do good in this evil world, who are overshadowed by the horrible deeds of men and women of the same race, which is leaving an unfair judgment upon black people.  You should attend and see that we personally do not resort and accept violence in our culture.

DETECTIVE #2: Well, we would like to see that happen, except you will have to come with us to the barracks.

MINISTER CURE: Can I meet you there later? As you can see I’m trying to gather myself here and heal these wounds.  I want to show the people that I will not be broken and distracted from my main goal.

DETECTIVE #1: Unfortunately, you will have to tell the people that from court. Let’s go!

MINISTER CURE: Obviously, shocked at what he just heard what the detective said to him. What do you mean from court?

DETECTIVE #2: Khalid X. Cure, you are under arrest!

MINISTER CURE: What is this nonsense you speak to me? I’ve done nothing wrong here!  This is an injustice!  Stands up, painfully, to face the detectives.

DETECTIVE #2: We have a warrant for your arrest. For an assault case that occurred seven years ago in Boston, Massachusetts.  Attempts to place the minister in handcuffs.

MINISTER CURE: A warrant? For an assault in Boston, Massachusetts?  Wait a damn minute!  As he struggles with the detectives, who are placing him in steel bracelets. What the hell is really going on!?

The two detectives, along with two uniform police officers, escort the minister out of his room, through the ER to the rear of an awaiting police cruiser. All the while being escorted through the emergency room, he begins to shout out at the staff and other patients, which causes everyone to stop working for a minute.  Once outside, the news media begins to take pictures, with flashes blinding the detectives escorting the minister.  Reporters begin to ask questions, talking over one another, in hoping that the minister would be able to answer their questions appropriately.  With everyone outside yelling and speaking over one another, and the detectives pushing their way through the ocean of reporters and cameras, Minister Cure could be heard saying something that was not clearly caught by the microphones.  Khalid was shoved into the rear of the police cruiser, with detectives getting inside with him on both side, and speeding off to the police station for further processing and questioning.  Watching the news of the minister’s arrest on television, Naveah Lee, a federal judge, who is known throughout her colleagues as the richest judge in America, is the one that signed off on the warrant when she used to oversee cases for the state of Massachusetts.  She leans back in her rich leather couch, pleased to see the minister finally in custody.





“TIME GAP” (Opening Story)

May contain adult language, adult sexuality and violent content.  Reader discretion is advised.

Part I – The Opening Story

{NYPD 19TH PRECINCT @ 09:37hrs – Electronic Crimes Unit}

Detective Richard Suggs, a 19 year veteran of NYPD and a 10 year veteran of the Electronic Crimes Unit, and Detective Marco Robinson, a 15 year veteran of NYPD and a 12 year veteran of the Electronic Crimes Unit, meet up with four other detectives, four uniformed patrolman and the S.W.A.T. team in a small conference big enough to hold 20 people; but with dirty dingy walls and old fashioned flood lights hanging above, it was only used when necessary. As the last of the officers file in, patrolman #3 walks into the conference room and looks around with a slight disgust look on his face.  After a once look around the room, and glances at the white and green faded checkered floor, he makes a remark to one of the detectives.

PATROLMAN #3: Hey, Marco! Why do we have to use this shitty room?  I just got this uniformed dry cleaned yesterday and don’t want it ruined being in this mold infested cell.

DETECTIVE MARCO ROBINSON: Looks at the patrolman who made the comment with a blank stare for a few seconds before responding. Obviously, you didn’t read your email that was sent two days ago about the main patrol room being occupied by the big wigs. If you read your email you wouldn’t be standing there looking like an idiot.  Now, as soon as you take a seat we can get started with this briefing.

As the remaining officers take their seats, others look at the patrolman chuckling and cracking jokes amongst themselves making comments to him such as ‘pretty boy blue’. Patrolman #3 is the youngest officer in the room and is associated with the new entitlement generation, although he has shown he is not afraid to work for his rewards, just not very wise at times when he opens his mouth to speak the English language.  Once the patrolman took his seat and nothing else was said, Detective Robinson immediately began the briefing.  A few seconds after Detective Robinson started speaking; Detective Suggs was handing out a black and white flyer with a picture of the suspect being sought by the Electronic Crimes Unit.  It was explained that Daniel Howard, the suspect posted on the black and white flyer, has been involved in many major electronic crimes, which also include attempts in hacking into the federal government server of the F.B.I. New York Field Office.  Although Howard is facing several criminal charges on the federal level, NYPD maintained jurisdiction over the Howard case since he began his criminal career committing misdemeanors; and that the agency is familiar with his path to criminal activity.

Unknown to the detectives, NYPD and Homeland Security, Daniel Howard has gained an upper hand on what is about to take place within the city. It just so happen that Daniel is preparing himself to flee the city at the same time NYPD is preparing to conduct a raid at the location where Howard is currently hiding out.  A tip came in approximately two days ago of Howard returning to New York City, in the Manhattan area, from his trip somewhere in the south, possibly Georgia, Florida or South Carolina since he has associates and family members in all three states.  No one knows or can confirm if Howard is in possession of stolen goods or other illegal contraband, or can confirm what his trip down south was for.  Simultaneously, as NYPD leaves the precinct to an abandon warehouse in the southeast corner of Manhattan where Howard is suspected to be, Daniel is quickly packing up his most precious electronic equipment, money that he stashed away and a few small semi-automatic handguns.  At this moment Daniel has busted out in a huge sweat box with his face drenched in his salty fluid and glasses can barely stay on his face.  He keeps checking his watch counting down the time before he knows all hell is going to break loose.  As his heart pounds in his chest, sweat continues to pour down his face and his arm pits creating relentless arm pit stains, soaking his shirt, he walks up to the large window of the room he is in and begins to stare out into the population of New York.

{Lower East Manhattan @ 10:47hrs}

In the midst of his own thoughts and emotional state as he looks upon the population moving along outside, Howard happens to glance down from the fifth floor window and see two black unmarked vans pull up. As he continues to look down below him, he watches two dark blue unmarked cars, possibly police cars, pull up next to the vans a few seconds later.  Thinking that this could be police officers outside the building, he continues to watch with anticipation and extreme nervousness.  Soon, his fears would be realized when he sees the S.W.A.T. team exiting the vans and rushing into the warehouse below him.  To his knowledge Howard knows he is the only one in the building, and has the assumption that they are coming for him.  Immediately after witnessing them rush into the building with weapons drawn, Howard turns around and begins to move even quicker to gather up all the things that he needs to take with him.  However, Howard knows that he will not be able leave the building without the officer’s knowledge.  It was at this time he gently picks up a small remote control and walks over to one side of the room he is in, points it towards two metal poles that are standing approximately five feet apart.

A few seconds passed when a humming sound could be heard coming from the two metal poles. Howard stands there and smiles brightly at the astonishment that his invention works, but his euphoria was quickly dashed when the commotion of the S.W.A.T. team coming up the stairs broke the silence.  Just as Howard rushes over to turn out the lights, Detective Robinson and Suggs spots the light being turned off.  Howard rushes over into one corner of the room with two handguns and extra magazines of ammo waiting for the S.W.A.T. team to make entry.  While Howard waits anxiously for his invention to warm up and wondering when the police was going to barge in, S.W.A.T. and the other officers stage on either side of the hallway before making their way into two single file lines.

Before getting to the end of the hallway and checking that one office of where their potential suspect could be, they must check all the other doors they have to past. This only adds a few seconds to their track down the hall as every single door was locked.  Now as the S.W.A.T. team leader slowly approaches the office door, he glanced down and saw a shadow quickly go by the reflection of the outside light shining in.  He turns around and motions to other officers and S.W.A.T. members that someone is in the room.  One of the team members quickly rushes up to the door and checks the door knob, which is locked from the inside, and no one has a key to enter.  Once it was immediately noticed that they would have to ram the door to gain entry, it seemed that Howard had intuition of knowing exactly when to open fire.  Just as the point man reared back the battering ram, gunfire came through the door striking the point man in the hand and forearm.

The officer screams out from the pain and burning sensation of the rounds striking his extremities, which creates a firestorm of gunfire being exchanged from both sides of the door. Rate of gunfire lasted for about thirty seconds before a break in the action presented itself for one of the S.W.A.T. team members to rush the door.  The door flings open and with his momentum the officer falls on the floor not knowing the location of Howard, which causes him to frantically search for him and cover at the same time.  “HOWARD! DANIEL HOWARD!  THIS IS THE NYPD!  We have a warrant for you arrest!  Drop the gun, come out with your hands up and no one else needs to get hurt!” was shouted by Detective Robinson.  Howard slowly moves behind cover towards the two poles that he just activated a few minutes earlier.  As he thinks to himself of how he will escape capture and not get shot in the process, he glances at his watch realizing he only has one minute left before all hell was to break loose in the city.

With no response from Howard, Detective Robinson and the rest of the officers slowly move into the room with all taking cover behind different objects. Silence sits in the air for about another five seconds before more shots are thrown down towards them.  Only knowing the direction of where the shots are coming from, each officer engaged in that direction striking numerous electronic equipment and other metallic objects; causing rounds to ricochet all around Howard.  Even through all the enormous noise from yelling and gunfire, Howard heard his watch alarm beep at him displaying on the screen “TIME TO GO!”  Howard takes one deep breath, rises up from behind cover and makes a dash around the corner as rounds strike the wall behind and in front of him.  He fires back blindly behind him, with luck, strikes two more officers with one of them being Detective Suggs.

Howard rounds the corner, dives between the two poles and creates a very bright electric blue light that flickered and reflected on the walls. Once everything went quiet, everyone looked at each other as if they were waiting for someone to have an answer to what they just saw.  Without wasting time Detective Robinson and two other S.W.A.T. officers slowly appeared from behind cover, and very quietly approached the corner where Howard disappeared.  Thinking that Howard is hiding behind the corner of the wall, Detective Robinson yells out to him, “COME’ON HOWARD! GIVE IT UP! This is your last chance to peacefully surrender or we’re coming in after you very harshly!”  With no answer heard or any response, Detective Robinson and the two S.W.A.T. officers round the corner and only see an alcove with two metal poles erecting from the floor.  The complexity of the situation completely baffles them and makes them wonder what in the hell happened to Howard.  Before other officers can ask them what is happening, everyone’s radios expelled this very loud screech and static noise, which caused everyone to grasp their ears from the pain.

A few seconds later, one of the injured officers call others to the window to look down outside to what is happening with the some of the people. Uninterested to what is going on outside, Robinson stands there trying to figure out what happened and how to explain this to his boss and the district attorney.  Just as he turns around to join the other officers at the window, a very loud rumble, which literally shook the building and caused Robinson to lose his balance, followed by an explosion which sent a fireball through the window where the officers were standing.  With only a few seconds to spare his own life, Robinson heard the officers scream and disappear inside the fireball as it rushed towards him.  Robinson very quickly dove into the alcove between the two poles before the fireball engulfed the entire floor and building.  Nothing was left off the building and much of the city was destroyed, but none of this is known to Detective Robinson who lies on the floor unconscious.  When he wakes up and opens his eyes, he finds himself wearing an oxygen mask, two male EMT looking personnel kneeled over him and the bright lights of the ceiling glaring down on him.

{Manhattan Memorial Hospital @ 18:00hrs}

When Robinson wakes up again to full consciousness, he notices that he is not in the building or doesn’t think he’s in the building, but in another room. A nurse comes walking in and greets him with a happy voice and smile preparing to check his vitals.  It took Robinson a few minutes to realize that he might be in a hospital, but to verify this thought he asked the nurse.  She verifies his suspicion and leaves the room once his vitals are recorded for his medical chart.  Robinson continues to look around and wondered when did he get to the hospital and what happened to his other fellow officers.  The idea of turning on the television to ease his mind was a good idea to him, which would become only the beginning of his troubles.

For noise in the room as he tries to come to terms of what is happening, the local evening news came on, which told you the time was around 6 p.m. News being on was, to him, was a great choice of information and maybe he will find out what happened at the warehouse in Lower East Manhattan.  For the thirty minutes he watches the news and nothing is said about anything that happened at the warehouse.  Robinson, frustrated, began flipping through channels and was confused when he saw news anchors that he remembered retired.  He thought to himself, “You came back? Why?  You have no life!” he stated himself.  Flipping through more channels, still can’t find any information on what happened earlier, he flips to the weather channel and leaves it there for soft noise.  A very surprise hits his conscious when the date was mentioned on the television.  This caused Robinson to sit up in the bed and look at the television with a screwed up face, not comprehending what was just said.  Until messages began to scroll across the bottom of the screen with world related incidents and sports knowledge that occurred eight years ago.  However, Robinson struggles with the thought that he is eight years in the past, and continues to tell himself he is in a dream.  One little piece of this becomes true when the next nurse on shift walks in and greets him, tells him her name.

Her name, Katy Peer, struck Robinson hard and stopped him in his tracks because she was a victim of a homicide-suicide involving her ex-husband inside her apartment. When she turns around after writing her name on the dry erase board, their eyes met and she just froze.  Both stared at each other for over a minute before the moment was broken up by two NYPD detectives coming in to question Robinson.  One of the two detectives that entered his room, he remembered died during 9/11 and this became almost too much for him to bare and maintain his sanity.  He’s thinking is he dead? Detective Robinson’s mental and emotional ride is only at the beginning stages, and can’t help but think that he is stuck in a nightmare where there is no way out.


Henry Scott


Real life experience from Maryland

This was probably the most terrifying time to live in the Washington, D.C. area.  Approximately a year after 9/11, which was the worse attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor and the Oklahoma City bombing, we were once again in fear.  Many people remember the words of the former leader, Osama Bin Laden, who claimed that one of his goals was to sabotage and bankrupt the United States.  For many citizens living in this area, we all began to think that maybe this is the second part of his planned attack on America.  However, for three weeks, we all lived in stress and with extreme uncertainty of what will happen and who will be the next victim of the DC Sniper.  I remember I had just finished my year long tour at the Pentagon and Ft. Stewart, Georgia when all this started.  During this time I remember getting a call or somehow being told that the National Guard was a possibility of being called out if these sniper attacks continued for a certain period of time.

Thinking of going back in full military gear to catch one or many snipers terrorizing the area was not appealing, but motivating because I wanted this to end just as badly as anyone else. How could you go through life not knowing that you will be the next sniper victim and be able to concentrate on your daily activities?  I remember seeing most gas stations being less populated, and most within the Montgomery County area were either not being used or if they had people there, they were very quick.  My fear was being at a gas station when or if the shots rang out and one of them strike the hose of a gas pump.  At that point we would all either go up in huge flames or gasoline would just contaminate everyone, putting us in massive risk for a static charge to ignite us.  Each time I went and got gas I had my head on a swivel to see if I could find anything or see anyone that would spark my attention.  I never saw anything during this period.

One of my most memorial times during this stessful moment was when I entered the Capital Beltway, Interstate 495 and 95, and saw a massive back-up.  There was nothing but brake lights all up and down both sides of the beltway with county and state police cruisers flying by us with their lights and sirens blarring.  Nearly any suspicious vehicle that matched a previous description or any white box truck that looked suspicious were stopped anywhere they were.  So if you had a white box truck in the area at the time, I felt sorry for you because ultimately you became a suspect because of one eye witness.  It was later determined that the eye witness who saw a white box truck leave the area of one of the shootings, misidentified a suspect.  The driver of that white box truck stated he left the scene immediately because he was deathly afraid.  So as he left the area, he sped off which made him look like a possible suspect.  Victims dying at the hands of a sniper, and none of them were tied together or had any connection together, was extremely mind-boggling.  Random killings will and can stomp an investigation from moving forward at the pace that is needed.

For the first time in my life I started to worry more about my family members being caught up in this terrorist act, and wondered how would I emotionally respond to that.  I can thankfully say that none of my friends and family were victims of this brutal plot, but unfortunately, some can’t say the same thing.  Since this has passed in our history timeline, other copy-cats have tried to mach this behavior in other parts of the United States.  Thankfully the massive cooperation of local, state and federal police agencies worked well-together to solve and catch the DC Snipers before more death and terror continued.  At one point I was thinking how would the world look if you have your National Guardsmen patrolling the streets with local and state agencies?  What would’ve been our Rules of Engagement if we were to get called out?  Would Martial Law be declared for the area?  State of Emergency?  All these things ran through my mind constantly as I was preparing myself mentally to go back into that mode for which I just left.  I thank God that we were not used for that purpose and that we were able to left on standby.

I tell you, the not knowing whether you or someone next to you was going to be the next victim.  Everyone was watching everyone and I’m sure police caught themselves respond to massive amounts of suspicious vehicles and persons during this three week period.  Since that time it would appear that many people forgot that it wasn’t only stressful for the citizens, but for police too, who were tasked to solve this investigation ASAP.  Some people began to speculate that it was probably international terrorism that was responsible, to complete their second part of the 9/11 attacks.  All in all it was homegrown terrorism with one of the snipers being a veteran, John Allan Muhammad, who served in the first Gulf War, and a seventeen year old companion, Lee Boyd Malvo.  Needless to say Muhammad would get the death penalty and Malvo would receive life in prison, which is what they were sentenced with after their days in court.  Situations like these is what can transform an area and the police departments, but whether that be good or bad is completely up in the air.  I think the area was transformed, but in some ways bad and in some ways good.  I suppose it depends on the individual people you ask.

Henry Scott