For the longest time, and you yourself might have heard the same thing, that you only meet crazy people online. Well, if that is the case, how much different is it meeting someone behind the computer screen than to meet someone you don’t know in person at a bar, grocery store or at a public event? The only difference about the two is that you meet one face to face and the other over a bright screen where you type words or possibly video chat. My wife, labellanoire, has heard the same complaint and statements numerous times, and they become very shocked when she tells them that she met me online, and he’s not some craze killer or maniac. That same argument is always said that you meet crazy people online, which is true to a point, but you can also meet crazy people in person as well. How many stories have we all heard or read about when the woman, who is usually the victim, is killed or abused repeatedly by a man she met at a party, a bar, public event or something of that nature? These stories are on television everyday, and not too many say or have the common goal of the couple meeting through an online dating site.

Meeting on a dating site,, was the site responsible for bringing me and my wife together. The funny thing about this meeting was that I had stop paying for the site about a month prior to us finding each other. I remember being in shock of how I was still receiving email notifications, still able to log in and respond to other that were showing interest. Since I was able to do this, I was able to search around and finally came across a black and white picture of a woman standing with a partial side profile. I won’t into too much detail of what I was actually thinking when I saw the picture, but reading her profile as well made me reach out to her first. She quickly responded, and later told me that she was quick to respond because I was able to give her a complete sentence and use proper English. I didn’t leave her a message such as, ‘(my name)! Call me!……! However, we didn’t have our first date until nearly two months later. We began talking to each other in late December 2006 and had our first date on Super Bowl weekend when the Colts played the Bears. That night of the game, I had a Chevy Impala, which had some electrical issues, but worked properly to make sure we had heat on the way up to my friends house in Baltimore.

We ended up having a great time at the party, and since then we’ve been with each other for the past nine years. Believe me, we have had our ups and downs in our relationship and marriage, but communication has always been the biggest key. Throughout the nine years we have been together, we have had numerous opportunities to learn about each other and found several different ways to communicate. The do’s and don’ts of communicating and what works best for us has pretty much been perfected, but our adventures together almost started from the immediate beginning; way before our legal union was completed. I gotta tell you that we have gone through numerous adventures together, and some of those adventures would have definitely broken up a lot of couples, but our strong bond kept us together and flowing. Those adventures will be told in later publications of this post, and I dare you to compare your adventures to ours and to see if you went through the same things with someone, would you stack up and push against the odds or just crumble and give up. Some people can’t handle serious adversity, and not everyone is strong enough to handle life’s stresses, but how you come out on the other end determines how you are perceived and how you continue in life. Some of our stories will be funny, something you can compare your life experiences too and some will be sorrow and sad, but none of them strayed us away from the railroad tracks. I look back at our life together and I have to tell you we are definitely blessed.

Henry Scott


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