Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.


A very weird silence has fallen in the master bedroom, where Vincent and his mistress, lay in the bed hiding under the covers up to their necks. Dawn slowly enters the room, staring at both of them as she walks directly into the master bathroom and slams the door behind her.  The mistress woman sees her opportunity and uncovers herself, getting half-dressed and darting out of the room, eventually out the house to never be seen for a long while.  Vincent didn’t even attempt to stop the mistress woman, as he knows the gig is up and waits for her to be completely gone.  No sound can be heard from the master bathroom while Vincent is staring at the closed door from the bed.  He starts to slowly move out of the bed, as if she doesn’t know he’s there, and begins to pull up his boxer briefs to cover himself when the bathroom door swings open.  Frozen in time, he stands there with only his boxer briefs staring at Dawn, while she stares back and her eyes squinting as if she was trying to read his mind.

DAWN: The bitch gone?! You fucking a whore in my house! In my sheets!  Where our kids live?!

VINCENT: She’s not a fucking whore, alright!

DAWN: Oh! You defending her honor?!  What the hell you defending her for?!  My goodness!  I understand our marriage might not be the strongest, and possibly on our way out the tunnel, but this is just bullshit!!  You couldn’t meet her somewhere else!  I have to catch you in mid-stroke fucking her like you haven’t….

VINCENT: Look! I’m sorry you have to find out this way, but she and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now.  My wife can’t take care of her husband, so someone else is handling that.

DAWN: What?! Furious with that statement, she slowly approaches him. You have the fucking nerve to tell me that I am not taking care of my duties as a wife, when you can’t even be a husband and a father to our kids. You know one thing, you just made it very easy for me to decide what to do with this new job opportunity.  With me gone you can fuck as many whores as you want, I won’t be around and neither will the kids.

VINCENT: The kids are staying with me.

DAWN: No, they’re not! They’re coming with me..

VINCENT: Bullshit! You’re not a fit mother or wife!

DAWN: FUCK! YOU!! She kicks him in the family jewels, probably even harder than she did to the assailant who attacked her before. Watching him fall to the floor brings her such joy and amusement, and even brings a smile to her face.

Later that night, Shelly Summers, an emergency room nurse at the local hospital, South Central Pennsylvania Hospital, gets home after working a double shift since 0800 this morning.  The only thing that she has to come home too is her German Sheppard, Drake, who she rescued from the local shelter six months prior.  She was raised with dogs growing up, and has always had one with her no matter where she goes or move too.  Shelly has had more dogs, and other house pets in and out of her life, than those of the opposite species, who have had disturbing run-ins with her personal life, beyond their understanding and comfort level.  Growing up in the life that Shelly knows and has participated in, does scare and shy people away from her, and not allowing themselves to get to close.  As time went on, and she got older and more in-depth of the Wicca faith, she kept that very close to her heart throughout high school and college.  It was shortly after graduating college, where being in college encouraged this behavior, that she started to become more open of her faith and interests into folk art and celebrate seasonal changes with other people within the same faith, and those that show interest.

Although there is no standard organization or structure to follow within the Wicca faith, such as being a catholic or Christian who follow the Holy Bible, each Wiccan, especially within the United States, are basically free to practice the way they see fit, who are called Eclectic Wicca’s. Being an eclectic Wicca, free range witch, suited the best fit for Shelly, as she didn’t always have to form her practices or justify her beliefs to a higher power, sort-a-speak.  It has been many years since Shelly has been practicing this belief, but since her adult years, post high school, is when it really took off.  Many, many times she has been trying to perfect her practices, be consistent, stay faithful, and perfect her magical spells and antidotes.  It would be in your career years, as a nurse, where she would finally begin to see the fruits of her hard work paying off, and always put to the test.  Little did she know that another test was yet coming, and that this time it would be a very dear friend of hers that she loves and cares for deeply.

On this particular night, Shelly would receive a call from her dear friend, Dawn, who seems very distraught and upset on the phone. At first Dawn was talking so fast that Shelly couldn’t keep up, but once she was able to slow her down, all her inner emotions just came rolling out at once and filled Shelly’s ear with pain, hurt and anger and frustration.  Dawn must’ve continued her sobbing story, from the beginning of when her marriage began to fail up until finding him in the bed with a whore, for at least thirty minutes or so.  Shelly was only able to squeeze in a few words of encouragement and uplifting messages, but it was just enough to stage off Dawn’s vengeful mindset, at least for the time being.  One of the things Shelly struggled with as being so engulfed into her faith, was being very sensitive to other people’s energy, especially when it was reeling with negativity and darkness.  She always felt a strange and weird connection between Vincent and Dawn, and never really cared about those two getting married, but she wanted to support her friend anyway for happiness.  Now, with years past the wedding bells upon them, the negative energy is ever stronger, and the heavy burdened heart of Dawn has been showing itself in Shelly’s dreams for the past few months.

Several minutes after the phone call with Dawn, Shelly gathers her thoughts and decide to do something about her friend’s grief that burdens her as well. Unknown to all visitors to her house, Shelly proceeds downstairs to her basement after turning on the ceiling light, which isn’t very bright.  Walking down the steps, with the sound of her feet striking the wooden steps echoing, she reaches the bottom and enters through a black laced curtain.  The hanging black laced curtain separates two parts of the basement, and the part you enter once you cross through the laced curtains, is the Wicca’s Layer.  Shelly has been part of the local chapter, Harrisburg Chapter of the Covens, but only attends when she feels the necessity too, and led to do so in her heart.  Once she entered the layer of her faith, and was standing before the Pentagram of the Five Elements Wheel, she began to light candles that surround the foundation of the circular structure and knelt once completed.  A Wiccan prayer, that was suggested by another wiccan who practices similar to her, was said and repeated at least three times with her eyes close, sitting back on her heels and hands flat on her thighs.

After a few seconds, once the prayer was repeated a third time, Shelly opens her eyes, exposing her Pentagram of the Five Elements necklace from underneath her shirt and spinning the wheel gently. As the wheel spins in front of her, and her eyes focused on the center of the wheel spinning, she rubs and plays with the necklace until the wheel stops.  Breaking her focus from the center of the wheel, Shelly looks down at where the needle stopped the wheel at, and saw that the element of fire was picked.  Immediately, she stands up to her feet, side stepping to her right and moving forward through another black laced curtain where her magic circle was drawn being nine to ten feet in diameter.  In the middle of the magic circle is a drawn depiction of the Pentagram of the Five Elements with one candle for each element bordering the circle.  As soon as Shelly sat down in the middle of the circle, the red candle lit up, which was directly in front of her.  She crossed her feet underneath herself, placed her hands on her knees, straightening up her spine and closing her eyes, which she called the Element Pose. It was at this point she began to pray and wish punishment against Vincent, and his antics, against Dawn, which she was fully aware that could backfire upon her if she was not careful.

Shelly spent at least four hours in the magic circle, and did not exit the circle until her magical deed had come to pass. The very magical deed she was hoping for would punish Vincent beyond what any other human, especially Dawn herself, could seek.  Vincent woke up in the middle of the night, in the bed all alone and not aware of where Dawn is, and went into the master bathroom to use the toilet.  As he stood there urinating into the toilet, a severe burning sensation began to form very quickly, and the feeling of fire spreading throughout his groin region, encompassing his ass.  Obviously, this woke him up from his half-sleep state, and prompted a blood curling scream out of him as he continued to urinate into the toilet, which is now steaming upward as like hot springs rolling through the wet rock-bed.  Just as his crisis thought it was ending, he felt massive pains in his stomach and abdomen that put him on the ground, in the fetal position making his skin and face blush red, eyes watering and barely open and shaking uncontrollably.  The pain was so great inside his body that he couldn’t scream out, although he fought very hard to do so.  Just before he was getting ready to pass out from the massive pain cultures in his mid-section, it all suddenly stopped and he just laid out on his back, flat looking up at the ceiling, breathing heavy from the ordeal.

An emergency service call was broadcasted over the radio to ems and available police officers in the area of Vincent’s home. Roxie Blue, a Boston native and Allegheny County deputy, hears the call comes out and decides to respond, even though it is within the city limits of Pittsburgh.  Both agencies often help each other, and have a mutual aid agreement when certain incidents are being responded too.  Being only a few blocks away from the house, Roxie responded and pulled up to the front of the house and didn’t hear or see anything that may look unusual.  As she approaches the front door, using her flashlight checking the property while she walks up, she hears the sirens of the ambulances arriving a block away.  Approaching the front door, she knocks on it and see that it just slowly swings open with no wind to blame for the sudden open.  Thinking that someone is hiding behind the door, and with her weapon now out of its holster, she jumps through the doorway swinging the door close to see who it is, but it’s no one.  Some of the lights in the house are on, and some appear in the dim position as she looks around to see what is going on.  At the same time the ambulance, and other emergency vehicles pull up in front of the house, Roxie hears someone moaning upstairs, which to her sounded like someone might be a victim.

Not waiting for back-up, and scared shitless of what she might find, she starts breathing very hard with the palms of her hands beginning to sweat. The moaning gets louder and louder as she starts to climb the steps, with her service weapon pointed in front of her at all the blind corners.  Once at the top of the steps, she noticed that one of the bedroom doors is closed, while all the others are open.  Nervous as hell, possibly shaking on the inside, Roxie clears every room from the hallway not wasting any time.  At the master bedroom door, where the moaning sounded like it was just on the other side, a smell of something burnt or burning was penetrating her nasal passages, nearly offending her sensibility.  As other officers can be heard entering through the front door on the floor below, Roxie counts to three, under her breath, and rushes through the door with her service weapon pointed once again out front.  Scanning the room she doesn’t see Vincent on the floor until she lowers her arms, which were blocking her downward vision, but the sight that she saw of Vincent would be disturbing and horrific.