Original Date Written: December 31, 2015

At least my wife and I can say or would like to claim is that majority of the issues in 2015 don’t come across the threshold into the new year of 2016! Even though we are not big New Year’s Resolution doers, our main focus is to have the following year much better than the previous one. That way we don’t have that dreaded failure feeling of unable to complete something within the first week of the New Year. In 2016, we claim to have much more victories and triumphs and be of more useful to the community we both serve; in our work and personal lives.

However, one issue we have had with our new apartment, probably since October, is this leak that has announced itself to our downstairs neighbors by coming through their bathroom ceiling. No one knows how long this leak has been going for, but one thing we both agreed on is that it needs to be fixed ASAP! Any time you have your ceiling buckling, causing a portion of the drywall to bulge downward, water has basically taken root and is ready to reek havoc. Now, it has been some years since I’ve done anything that involves plumbing on a consistent basis. For four years through high school, first two years during the summer and last two years all year round, I had the privilege in learning a lot and was able to maintain a certain skill set. I know first had plumbing issues can be expensive and much worse than what it looks like, however, the right professional for the job makes all the difference. I don’t have a plumbers license or even bonded, but anything that is simple and doesn’t require much wall knocking and equipment totting, I’m your man!

Back to what I was originally speaking of, at this current time of me writing this post, I have a plumber team working in our bathroom. One of the things in the public service industry that can help or ruin your reputation is sticking to your service times. Much harder to follow in the certain professions, such as law enforcement and medical, but when you are to be in people’s homes to rectify a situation that has gotten unchecked for several weeks or even months, being on time is very important. I can definitely understand that things come up and you may not be able to stick to your scheduled time, but that is why we have this invention called a CELL PHONE! You dial numbers and when you do this people on the other end of your call will either answer or give you the option of leaving a voicemail! When people put their lives on hold, sacrifice sleep and allow you to invade my introvert bubble, calling or texting is something that could be of good use. Well, this problem of getting the bathroom fix took WELL over three weeks to complete, more so of about five weeks to finally have it done.

The first time we told the landlord, we had one guy come over a few days to a week later to come in a check up on our bathroom, to see where the leak could be coming from. For about maybe five to ten minutes, the guy was here and said something about the water is leaking through your tiles, and then just left. Nothing was said about I’ll be back tomorrow, next week, next month or I’ll someone come by and dig further into the issue. Two weeks later, another plumber calls me and wanted to know when I will be available for him to come by and take a look at the bathtub. I gave him a date and time to come over to have our bathroom looked at. So, the day came and he wasn’t too late after the set appointment, but nonetheless he was here. The plumber and his helper, who is here today, came in started to describe to me what could be happening in our bathtub and how they plan to rectify the situation. I was like, ‘okay’, and thought to myself this could be a two to three day job easy.

Well, the next thing I know is that they bring in trash bag materials to cover up our window in the shower and to outline the lower portion of the tiles, just above the bathtub. Of course, they told us that the trash bags will only be temporary and they will come back to replace the valve in the shower. Yes!! Another two weeks past before I receive a call from the plumber telling me that he has a guy, who is an awesome and great guy, coming by my apartment at 9:30 am on such and such date. Okay, we were a little excited knowing that our time of showering with trash bags attacking you was coming to an end. Oh, I forgot one thing that when the plumber came over the second time, all they did was apply a piece of plywood on our neighbors ceiling as a temporary fix. That was a concern because the only thing you are doing at that point is making the water spread and potentially exacerbating the black mold.

Now, this awesome nice guy that was supposed to come by at 9:30 am on a specific date, came on that day, but an hour early! Anyone that knows me well enough is that I work evening/night shifts, and my bedtime isn’t until 4 or 5 in the morning. So when our doorbell rang at 8:33 am, not only was I surprised, but my dog was not pleased with this early morning greet, let alone anyone ringing the doorbell. So I go downstairs to answer the door, and it is the same guy that came by the first time, who just told me that the water is leaking through the tiles. Nevertheless, him and his partner come in and get to work right away in our bathroom. The only thing they did was replace the shower valve and replace some small portions of the copper piping. Of course, they had to go through the tiles and wall to accomplish this mission, which was completed in about two hours.

Now, we are down to the final phase of this bathroom project, and it comes on New Year’s Eve! The plumber here today is nice enough and doesn’t seem to mind telling you what is going on, but when it comes to calling you to let you know he’ll be running behind schedule or that he won’t be able to come until a certain time, is horrible! Lucky for him I work nights and my schedule is very flexible if necessary, but still you tell me 9 am you’ll be here, but don’t show up until 10:30 am, with no call to let me know you’ll be here after 9 am. COME’ON MAN! I’ve sacrificed some good sleep for the past two days for this project to be completed. Now we are on the last day of the year to have this done, which should’ve been done several weeks ago! We are happy that this is finally getting done, but I think this was dragged on much longer than needed, and better be a good job when all is said and done! My poor dog is not liking this, having to put him up in one of the rooms, not because he will bite or attack, but because he would bark non-stop at them, and for making such noises.

Well, it is almost noon and time to take him out for the bathroom, but an update will be written at a later time on this project. Hopefully all this can be done by the end of today! HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY FIRST MONDAY OF THE NEW YEAR!

Henry Scott