First I want to welcome you to my new blog site, and I hope that you enjoy the content that will be published throughout the year for your entertainment.  My goals for this year are pretty simple, which is to engage as many readers as possible, and to engulf you into my personal stories, along with my fictional tellings, to keep you coming back for more.  You may notice some similarities in my writing style as I am also the owner of the Franklinswritingcorner.com blog site, which at this current time is not being utilized.  I vow to have better organized content and have things established easier for you to locate and revisit your favorite posts whenever.  I thank you all for your support over the past three years I’ve been doing this, and will continue on my secondary goal in life as to become an author.  I’ve already had one article mentioned in the Washington Post magazine several years back about my uprising in the novel world; but now it is time to kick it into gear and make that come true.  This year I also encourage you, the reader, to engage and express your respectable opinions on the stories that are posted.  I want more engagement with my readers as we can learn more about each other, and open dialogues to discuss.

I appreciate honesty and constructive criticism for improvement in posting stories, what to talk about and whatever else you want to relay to me.  All I ask is that you be respectful when leaving comments to any post.  That’s the only rule I have for all to follow, and if you can agree with that then we will have no problems getting along.  I hope to see you on this new journey for 2016!

Henry Scott

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